Boots on Clearance!

by Adam Strei24. April 2013 08:52

Humpday is here!  Always an exciting day, love the humpday.

Also, FDIC is in full swing and a lot of our staff are on their way right now to Indianapolis to see all the cool new products that are being displayed.  I'm sure I'll have a lot of them in the coming weeks in this blog, so be sure to check back!

How does the saying go....if the bosses are away, the employees will play?  Not sure if that's it, but I am on my third Bloody Mary so I'm going with it!  Since the bosses are away I have slashed a bunch of our clearance items to even lower prices to get them out the door before they come back.  Included are a bunch of wildland boots selling for $100 a pop, which is over 50% off they normally sell for!  What season is coming up again, oh yeah, WILDLAND SEASON!  We also have gloves, lights, and other great items at clearance prices, so click here and check them out!

Below are some of the wildland boots we have on clearance.  Please notice that we only have certain sizes, and only 1 pair per size!


Hellfire 9" Wildland Fire Boots   Hellfire 10" Wildland Zipper Insert Fire Boots, Size 10 Medium   Hellfire 10" Wildland Fire Boots    Hellfire 10" Structural/Wildland Fire Boots


Hope you have a great Humpday, and an even better night!




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