Flip Tip Nozzles!

by Adam Strei23. April 2013 08:32

Tuesday is here.  Better than Monday, not as good as Wednesday. 

If you haven't yet, you need to check out Task Force Tips new Flip Tip nozzles!  These specialty nozzles provide a single nozzle that offers two different stream types.  No other nozzle on the market has this capability! 

The Flip Tip with Integrated Ball Shutoff and G-Force Nozzle is integrated with a high volume ball shutoff and your choice of G-Force combination nozzle.  It offers both a hard hitting smoothbore and high performance combination nozzle.

The Flip Tip with Integrated Ball Shutoff provides a single nozzle that offers a choice of hard hitting straight streams.  The front component accepts one of 4 different orifice choices, providing flows from 50-200gpm.

The Flip Tip Tip Only is an ideal choice for an addition to any ball valve shut off.  It integrates your choice of two smoothbore combinations and quickly and positively allows the initial attack team a choice of flows as well as outstanding stream performance.

Task Force Tips allows only certain distributors to sell these new Flip Tip nozzles and we are proud to be one of them!  If you have any questions about these nozzles please give us a call, 877-699-3473.

#FTGF34F1F FlipTip with Integrated Ball Shutoff and G-Force Nozzle    FlipTip with Intergrated Ball Shutoff

                                                                    FlipTip Tip Only


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