Foxfire Illuminating Pink Helmet Band

by Adam Strei18. November 2013 12:25


We now have the limited edition Foxfire Illuminating Pink Helmet Bands in stock and ready to ship!  These helmet bands use the same great technology as the original green helmet bands but are pink in color and glow blue.

Made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone, Foxfire illuminating helmet bands were designed specifically to handle the heat and rigors of firefighting. Each helmet band will illuminate for hours. The helmet bands may be charged repeatedly by any type of light condition, however the brighter the light the brighter and longer the bands will illuminate and glow.

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Foxfire Illumination!

by Adam Strei23. May 2013 13:55

We've just become a distributor for Foxfire Illuminating!  We have been very excited about this product line since we found their booth at FDIC this year and can't wait to start selling their product.

If you haven't seen or heard of Foxfire, they are a firefighter owned company that makes energy efficient and eco-friendly products utilizing breakthrough advanced illumination technology.  Basically, their products glow.....BRIGHTLY!  The cool thing is that their products are charged by any light source, be it the sun or artificial light such as a light bulb or flashlight.  They have some awesome products such as helmet bands, helmet bars and tetrahedrons, grip wrap, adhesive strips, and SCBA identifier tags that I know you would love.

Some of the advantages of these products are:

  • Increases visibility and positional orentation
  • Will illuminate for hours
  • Can be recharged repeatedly
  • Glow/illumination serves as a "light emitter"
  • Can withstand high temperatures

Click the link to find out all the great products that Foxfire provides!





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New Fat Ivan Illuminated by FoxFire!

by Adam Strei6. May 2013 11:27

Fat Ivan has added FoxFire's amazing illumination to it's product for even better visibility! This product has tremendous glow in the dark capabilities and will be a great asset to aid in Situational Awareness. Use Fat Ivan Illuminated by FoxFire to stay safe. Know where the exit is.

Fat Ivan® was created out of necessity. Firefighters are tired of carrying wedges that rarely work or having bulky pieces of welded angle ironhanging out of their pockets. Firefighters are done having doors close behind them or getting their hose lines pinched under doors. They want a door chock that will work on any door hinge and also fold up and ‘disappear’ in their pocket when not in use. This does it all.

You now have a tool that allows you to chock any door with a hinge and you will NOT have to bend over to insert or extract your tool. Just put Fat Ivan® in the hinge you feel most comfortable reaching. The bottom, the middle, the top, it doesn’t matter. Your Fat Ivan® will work on any of them.

Check out the new Fat Ivan Illuminated by FoxFire! in the Fire Safety USA online store!

FatIvan Illuminated by FoxFire!


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