Grain Bin Rescue Tube

by Adam Strei14. May 2013 08:41

These days it seems that you hear more and more about workers accidentally falling into grain bins.  Tragically, many eventually suffocate because they are alone or the people with them do not have the proper equipment to save them.

Our rugged aluminum Grain Bin Rescue Tube is designed to prevent a trapped worker from becoming another statistic.  Each of the tube's sections acts as a shield to prevent the grain from pressing against the victim.  Once the tube is in place the grain can be removed from the tube and the trapped worker can be extricated.

To assist in the removal of grain from the tube, we offer the Rescue Auger!  This 3" Rescue Auger is compatible with any grain rescue tube and assists for a faster rescue for any trapped worker.  It is powered by any 1/2" cordless drill with 11/16" socket adapter and has a flow rate of 1 bushel per minute.

Check out the demonstration video of the Rescue Auger





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