Foxfire Illuminating Pink Helmet Band

by Adam Strei18. November 2013 12:25


We now have the limited edition Foxfire Illuminating Pink Helmet Bands in stock and ready to ship!  These helmet bands use the same great technology as the original green helmet bands but are pink in color and glow blue.

Made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone, Foxfire illuminating helmet bands were designed specifically to handle the heat and rigors of firefighting. Each helmet band will illuminate for hours. The helmet bands may be charged repeatedly by any type of light condition, however the brighter the light the brighter and longer the bands will illuminate and glow.

Go to our website to see all the cool Foxfire Illuminating products!





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Sale on FireCraft Tracer!

by Adam Strei7. November 2013 14:44



We have a sale going on now thru the end of the month for the FireCraft Tracer, $25 off per unit including Free Shipping!! 

Fall storms bring snow, tornadoes, and hurricanes, make sure you can detect downed power lines with the FireCraft Tracer!

The Firecraft Tracer is the replacement for the very popular Tac Stick and helps to detect unshielded AC current.  This is an important tool when natural disasters occur!  Typical site situations include floods, hurricanes, tornados, snow/ice storms, severe thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Here are just some of the functions and advantages of this unit:

∙ Detects AC voltage at a safe distance
∙ Pinpoints direction of downed lines
∙ Detects power in unused outlets
∙ Audio and visual signals
∙ Easy On-Off operation
∙ Sturdy storage case
∙ DieHard Battery
∙ Pocket Size!
∙ Made in the USA

Click here and buy a FireCraft Tracer today!

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Leader SAR All Risk Helmet

by Adam Strei6. August 2013 11:06

We just added the new Leader SAR All Risk helmet to our website and are excited to hear what people think about this helmet.  It is tested to eleven different standards, giving it the versatility to be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Search and Rescue / Confined Space / CBRN environments 
  • Water Rescue / Swift Water / Marine / Ribs / Hovercraft
  • Forestry Firefighting
  • Ambulance / EMS
  • Wildland Firefighting / General Area Search
  • Maritime Rescue / Coastal Border Security
  • Technical Rescue / Assistance
  • Working at height / Urban Climbing
  • All Terrain Vehicles
  • Snowmobile / Jet-Ski / Quad Bike / Equestrian

To find out more information on this helmet go to our webpage for the Leader SAR All Risk Helmet!




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Helmet | Rescue | Wildland

UK Nitex Pro eLED Rechargeable Flashlight

by Adam Strei1. August 2013 14:37

Who needs a new helmet light?  You....really...?  Sweet!  We have the new UK Nitex Pro eLED rechargeable helmet light on sale right now!

It's the lightest and brightest helmet light in it's class, and right now you can use the discount code "Nitex" to get any Nitex Pro eLED flashlight for 10% off!  Here are a few of the features of this great light:

  • Prioprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO) permits high efficiency and compact size
  • Beam pulses briefly to indicate low battery level
  • Waterproof design for all weather use
  • Beam produces a bright spot with almost no peripheral light so nearby personnel are not affected
  • More center weighted beam won't reflect off of particles in the air or water making for better visibility when there is there's fog, smoke or dust in the air
  • Large push button switch works with heavy gloves
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery (in an emergency, light can be powered with 2 lithium CR123 cells)
  • Light is recharged with drop in stand in less than 4 hours
  • Charger base has adjustable retention lock
  • 12 VDC adapter available for charger stand
  • UK helmet mouting clips easily attach the light to any hard hat or fire helmet
  • High impact ABS, LEXAN®, polyurethane rubber and aluminum construction for durability
  • Proudly made in the USA

For additional information, just click the link Nitex Pro eLED to go straight to our website.  Don't forget to use the discount code "Nitex" when checking out!

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SEF Small Engine Fuel

by Adam Strei22. July 2013 12:21

Are you looking for a deal on fuel for your chainsaw, generator, or PPV fan?  Well, you've come to the right place, right now we are running a deal on our SEF Small Engine Fuel!

Ethanol-free SEF Small Engine Fuel provides easier, more dependable starts for chain saws, generators, leaf/snow blowers, string trimmers and any other portable gas-powered equipment.* Street gas contains ethanol, which can absorb moisture and form deposits in carburetors and fuel systems, making equipment hard to start and often requiring complete rebuilds. SEF solves long-term storage problems, allowing easier starts even after equipment sits idle for months at a time. It saves money in the long run by avoiding the lost time and expense of costly rebuilds.

Available in 3 versions, each is "ready-to-use" - just pour it in. No more measuring, mixing or mess!

  • 4-cycle Unleaded fuel
  • 2-cycle Pre-Mix with Oil (50:1)
  • 2-cycle Pre-Mix with Oil (40:1)

*SEF Small Engine Fuel is for use in outdoor power equipment only. It is not a street legal fuel and should not be used in motor vehicles.*

Now thru the end of the month we are offering a 10% discount on all of our SEF Small Engine Fuel.  To get the discount, use discount code "SEF" at checkout!

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Fire-Dex G1 Structural Fire Gloves - On Sale This Week!

by Adam Strei9. July 2013 14:14

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  The weather was great to watch the fireworks as well as the whole weekend here, we hope yours was as well.

We are having a sale on the Fire-Dex G1 structure glove this week!  This glove came out a little over a year ago and has been a great seller for us.  It has the most dexterity in a structural glove we've seen so far and has a 60+ TPP rating.  We keep a great variety of sizes in stock so it should ship the same day as it is ordered.  Below are some of the specs on these gloves...

  • 60+ TPP
  • 5 Layer Back - 2 layers of Kovenex-R ®, 1 layer of breathable Pyrotect™ moisture barrier, 1 layer of reverse grain pig, and 1 layer of full grain cowhide
  • Kevlar® stitching on leathers, Nomex® stitching on liner
  • Reverse sides of leather used for improved grip
  • Full grain goat and pigskins used across palm for extra padding and protection
    Kinetically designed for maximum dexterity in Medina, Ohio, USA
  • Roll-over, seamless fingertips for better tactility
  • Pre-curved, ergonomically designed fingers
  • Keystone thumb design

For more info go to our website and check out the Fire-Dex G1 Structure Glove, and through the end of the week use discount code "G1" and receive $10 off a pair of these gloves!       


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Sale on Bunker and Wildland Boots!

by Adam Strei2. July 2013 16:13

Have you been thinking of buying a new pair of Bunker or Wildland boots?  Well wait no longer, now's the time!  Starting today and running through July 9th we are having a sale on ALL of our Bunker and Wildland boots.  Yes, I said ALLLLLLLLL of our Bunker and Wildland boots.

You can buy Structural or Wildland.  You can buy Rubber or Leather. You can buy Fire-Dex, Thorogood, Honeywell, or Cosmos.  You can buy 3 pairs and stock up for all we care, just don't miss out!  (The website will only allow a discount of $10 for the total order, but we will take $10 off per boot ordered when we process the order!) 

To get this great discount, you will need to go to our Structural and Wildland Boot page and pick out which boots you want and then use the discount code "TakeTen" at checkout.  Don't miss out, check them out today!




Boots | Wildland

Fire Hoods

by Adam Strei25. June 2013 09:14

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far.  That Chicago Blackhawks - Boston Bruins game last night had a crazy ending, huh?!  Wow!!!!  I felt bad for the Bruins, but then found out they've won 6 Stanley Cups already.....I'm pretty sure the North Stars/Wild haven't won any!

Today we are highlighting all the different types of fire hoods we offer.  We have the normal plain Nomex, P84, PBI, and Carbon hoods you all are accustomed to, but we offer many other different colors and styles you may not be aware of.  We just added some sports related hoods that I'm sure some sports fans would like, including: Cowboys, NY Giants, Colts, Packers, Saints, Eagles, Steelers, and Red Sox. 

Take a look on our Fire Hoods page on our website to see all the different colors and styles of hoods we offer, all our hoods meet or exceed NFPA 1971-2013 Edition and are UL Certified.  Some examples are below! 





Timberland Side Zip Boots

by Adam Strei21. June 2013 09:36

We just received another large stocking order of Timberland Pro Series Side Zip Boots and we want to see them go out the door and onto the UPS truck!  If you are looking for a pair of boots, take $10 off today and buy them on our website.  All you need to do is use discount code "TIMBERLAND" and they're yours!

The Timberland Pro Series is built specifically to provide public safety professionals with lightweight comfort and protection.  They come with Timberland's exclusive Dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology, which offers schock absorption and energy return to the foot in the form of a molded polyerethan insole.  Other features include:

  • Waterproof, polishable full-grain leather that causes liquids to bead up and roll off
  • 3D mesh with Agion antimicrobial treated waterproof lining that offers odor control and protection in wet environments
  • Internal nylon shank for arch support and torsional stiffness
  • Non-marking Timberland PRO rubber outsole is abrasion, oil, and slip-resistant
  • Non-metallic YKK side zipper for easy on/off and secure fit

For more information on the Timberland Pro Series Side Zip Boots click on the links for either the 6" Timberland Pro Series Side Zip or the 8" Timberland Pro Series Side Zip......and don't forget to use the discount code "TIMBERLAND" to get your $10 off!           




True North Wildland Packs

by Adam Strei18. June 2013 09:16

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend, we had awesome weather over the weekend so it seemed like everyone was outside doing something.  I got to golf, so no complaints here!

We are excited to announce we just became a dealer for True North!  True North has many great products to choose from, but is most popular for their great wildland packs.  We have some of their more popular wildland packs on our website already, and we will be adding more daily.  To check those out click on our True North Wildland Packs page on our website!

Now thru the end of the week, use discount code "truenorth" and receive $10 off a True North Wildland Pack!