Special Foam Promo!

by Adam Strei17. May 2013 09:40

Happy Friday everyone, who's ready for the weekend?  My hand is raised!

We just started a great promotion today for free freight on foam!  As you may know, we have free freight on Silvex Class A foam when you buy 60 pails.  Kim came up to me today and mentioned that maybe our customers would want Class A and Class B foam with free freight.  So guess what, that's what we're going to do!  You can now get free freight from us when you buy 48 pails of Silvex Class A foam and 8 pails of Ansul 3-6% Class B foam! 

Foam is usually very expensive to ship because each 5 gallon pail weighs around 45 pounds.  In fact, if you buy just a couple pails at a time, it costs $25 per pail just to ship!  With this promotion you would save $1,400 in just shipping costs when buying in bulk instead of buying a few pails at a time.  Also, the shelf life on these is 20-25 years when stored between 35 and 120 degrees!

So, don't waste any time, click on this promotion and save money!

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