Sale on FireCraft Tracer!

by Adam Strei7. November 2013 14:44



We have a sale going on now thru the end of the month for the FireCraft Tracer, $25 off per unit including Free Shipping!! 

Fall storms bring snow, tornadoes, and hurricanes, make sure you can detect downed power lines with the FireCraft Tracer!

The Firecraft Tracer is the replacement for the very popular Tac Stick and helps to detect unshielded AC current.  This is an important tool when natural disasters occur!  Typical site situations include floods, hurricanes, tornados, snow/ice storms, severe thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Here are just some of the functions and advantages of this unit:

∙ Detects AC voltage at a safe distance
∙ Pinpoints direction of downed lines
∙ Detects power in unused outlets
∙ Audio and visual signals
∙ Easy On-Off operation
∙ Sturdy storage case
∙ DieHard Battery
∙ Pocket Size!
∙ Made in the USA

Click here and buy a FireCraft Tracer today!

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Leader SAR All Risk Helmet

by Adam Strei6. August 2013 11:06

We just added the new Leader SAR All Risk helmet to our website and are excited to hear what people think about this helmet.  It is tested to eleven different standards, giving it the versatility to be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Search and Rescue / Confined Space / CBRN environments 
  • Water Rescue / Swift Water / Marine / Ribs / Hovercraft
  • Forestry Firefighting
  • Ambulance / EMS
  • Wildland Firefighting / General Area Search
  • Maritime Rescue / Coastal Border Security
  • Technical Rescue / Assistance
  • Working at height / Urban Climbing
  • All Terrain Vehicles
  • Snowmobile / Jet-Ski / Quad Bike / Equestrian

To find out more information on this helmet go to our webpage for the Leader SAR All Risk Helmet!




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Grain Bin Rescue Tube

by Adam Strei14. May 2013 08:41

These days it seems that you hear more and more about workers accidentally falling into grain bins.  Tragically, many eventually suffocate because they are alone or the people with them do not have the proper equipment to save them.

Our rugged aluminum Grain Bin Rescue Tube is designed to prevent a trapped worker from becoming another statistic.  Each of the tube's sections acts as a shield to prevent the grain from pressing against the victim.  Once the tube is in place the grain can be removed from the tube and the trapped worker can be extricated.

To assist in the removal of grain from the tube, we offer the Rescue Auger!  This 3" Rescue Auger is compatible with any grain rescue tube and assists for a faster rescue for any trapped worker.  It is powered by any 1/2" cordless drill with 11/16" socket adapter and has a flow rate of 1 bushel per minute.

Check out the demonstration video of the Rescue Auger





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New Pro-Tech 8 Boss Litex Multi-Purpose Gloves

by Adam Strei30. April 2013 10:24

Happy "Minnesota Wild are going to beat the Chicago Blackhawks tonight.....Day"!  I'm sure you are all on pins and needles for the hockey playoffs to start tonight, and our very own Minnesota Wild get to travel to Chicago and play the best team in the NHL tonight, let's just say I have my fingers crossed....and my toes.

Our featured product today is the new Pro-Tech 8 Boss Litex Multi-Purpose Glove.  This glove is an extremely durable and versatile glove for the firefighter who does more.  It can be used for extrication, technical rescue, incident clean-up, and any utility application on the job.  It features a rubberized Kevlar palm and fingertips reinforcements for enhanced protection agaist oil and acid, and also has strategically placed Litex patches that will protect up to 700 degrees!

Here are some other features:

   · Strategically reinforced cut and heat protective glove with enhanced dexterity and grip

   · Silicone coated 100% Kevlar® palm, which enhances grip

   · Kevlar® padded knuckle protection, inner-finger sidewall protection and Kevlar® thread throughout the glove

   · Fingertips made out of Level 3 cut resistant Kevlar® coated with Litex®

   · Flexible cuff with adjustable hook and loop wrist closure provides secure fit and includes a reinforced

     carabineer hole.

To find these on our website, just click here!

I hope you all have a happy "Minnesota Wild are going to beat the Chicago Blackhawks tonight.....Day"!


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