Sale on FireCraft Tracer!

by Adam Strei7. November 2013 14:44



We have a sale going on now thru the end of the month for the FireCraft Tracer, $25 off per unit including Free Shipping!! 

Fall storms bring snow, tornadoes, and hurricanes, make sure you can detect downed power lines with the FireCraft Tracer!

The Firecraft Tracer is the replacement for the very popular Tac Stick and helps to detect unshielded AC current.  This is an important tool when natural disasters occur!  Typical site situations include floods, hurricanes, tornados, snow/ice storms, severe thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Here are just some of the functions and advantages of this unit:

∙ Detects AC voltage at a safe distance
∙ Pinpoints direction of downed lines
∙ Detects power in unused outlets
∙ Audio and visual signals
∙ Easy On-Off operation
∙ Sturdy storage case
∙ DieHard Battery
∙ Pocket Size!
∙ Made in the USA

Click here and buy a FireCraft Tracer today!

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